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Trinsic Becomes An Authorized OpenDNS MSP Partner (8-15-2012)

Trinsic Technologies is proud to announce that is an authorized partner of OpenDNS - the world's leading provider of internet security and DNS services.

Trinsic deploys OpenDNS for its clients that have a need for increased internet security and implementation of their web-policy requirements. OpenDNS offers a centralized dashboard allowing for easy administration and management. OpenDNS is the ideal fit for any organization with shifting network topology as it sits at the DNS layer and requires no cumbersome software to deploy or hardware to install or manage.

"The pain with many of our clients is that their employees were constantly hanging out on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and introducing viruses to the corporate network while visiting infected websites that they were browsing," says Art Powell, Trinsic VP. "OpenDNS gives control of the web and social media sites back to management."

Employees with open access to the web and social media sites during working hours has proven to cost companies money. "OpenDNS is a tool that enables organizations to simply block access to certain websites for certain groups of employees without having to deploy employee monitoring tools," says Powell.

"Lots of employers just want more control without having to turn into big-brother. It is definitely a parental approach. It works on both the productivity side as well as on the security front. No more time wasting on the web while at work. No more bringing viruses home while unknowingly browsing infected websites at work."

OpenDNS is one of several important malware strategies an organization needs to utilize protect itself from harmful malware. Trinsic deploys best-of-breed solutions for its IT service clients to ensure their network is protected at all times.

About OpenDNS
OpenDNS is the world's leading provider of Internet security and DNS services, enabling the world to connect to the Internet with confidence on any device, anywhere, any time. OpenDNS provides millions of businesses, schools and households with a safer, faster and more intelligent Internet experience by protecting them from malicious Web threats and providing them control over how users navigate the Internet, while dramatically increasing the network's overall performance and reliability. For more information about OpenDNS, please visit:

About Trinsic Technologies, Inc.
Trinsic Technologies, Inc., based in Austin Texas, has been providing affordable flat-fee managed IT services to small and medium sized businesses throughout Texas since 2004. For Trinsic’s target market, it is often neither practical nor affordable to internally staff their own IT department. Through Trinsic’s managed IT services, clients have access to a fully staffed IT department at a fraction of the cost, and receive a comprehensive suite of infrastructure management services including desktop and server support, network security, data protection, email, encryption and mobility services. This full-featured service enables its clients to focus their resources on growing their business, not on managing their technical IT issues. Furthermore, through this model, clients benefit from faster time-to-resolution, broader expertise, reduced risk, and a more stable, robust and secure computing environment, all at a lower overall cost than traditional in-house support.
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