Trinsic Technologies Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Policy  (revised 3/1/2011)

1.    Daily Local Data Backups  - Trinsic Technologies sets up an automated process to back-up once a day all accessible Client data on all local PCs and servers that are connected to the network at the time of backup and which are covered under this maintenance agreement (the “Local Backup Process”).  Trinsic shall make reasonable best efforts to backup the Client data based on network and server availability at time of backup.  Local Daily backups are usually scheduled to occur between the hours of 7pm to 7am CST (“Scheduled Daily Backup Window”). Trinsic’s policy is to implement the backup process during standard non-business hours to help reduce the impact of possible performance issues on Client’s network during regular business operations.

If for any reason a device is not accessible for a scheduled backup, the system will attempt to perform a backup of that device once an hour (“Recurring Backup Attempts”) until the next Scheduled Daily Backup is set to occur. It is very important for the Client to understand that the Local Backup Process will not backup any data on any covered computers or servers that are not left connected to the network during the backup process.  Should a computer not be turned on by Client or if the Local Backup Process is not able to access a computer on the network for any reason, the data on that computer will not be backed-up again until the computer is accessible by the Local Backup Process in future back-up cycles. The data is backed up on disc storage drives owned by Client located at Client’s facility.  The disk storage drive that contains backups must be on a RAID that is separate from the server operating system.

2.    Daily Offsite Data Backup Service – Trinsic sets up a process to back-up on a daily basis to an offsite facility certain data located on a Client server or desktop/laptop computer that is both
      a) connected to the Client network and
      b) covered under a Trinsic maintenance plan.  

The data to be backed up for servers and the data backup frequency is discussed in Section 2.1. 
The data to be backed up for desktop/laptop computers and the data backup frequency is discussed in Section 2.2. 

Offsite Daily backups are usually scheduled to occur during the “Scheduled Daily Backup Window”.  Trinsic shall make reasonable best efforts to backup the Client data based on network and server availability at time of backup.  Client will be charged for the actual amount of backup compressed storage space used at the list price then in effect for storage space.  A copy of each day’s backup will be maintained by Trinsic until the next day’s scheduled backup is made, after which the previous day’s data will be overwritten and deleted by Trinsic.  Client understands that if there is a catastrophic event and no local data backups are accessible, the Client has the potential to lose up to a full 24 hours worth of data since the offsite data backup service provides for offsite backups to occur only once a day.  Accordingly any new data that changed between the previous day’s backup and the current day’s backup is potentially at risk.  Trinsic offers higher levels of service with greater frequency of data backups for a specific fee.  Please contact Trinsic if you have any interest in discussing your options.  

The Daily Offsite Data Backup Service excludes backing up of Email data.  For backing up of Email data, see the Email backup process under Section 3.

Trinsic only keeps offsite the latest copy of Client data. As such, Client’s data will be backed up on a daily basis and will overwrite any changes made from the previous day.  Client must notify Trinsic in writing should they wish for Trinsic to maintain older versions of offsite backups rather than the latest version. 


2.1  Daily Offsite Data Backups for Servers

2.1.1       As policy, all data residing on each covered Client server accessible by Trinsic will automatically be backed up offsite one time on a daily basis, usually in the evenings. Client shall be responsible for any charges covering the backup of this data according to their specific data backup subscription plan. 

2.1.2       If Client prefers not to back up all data residing on each covered server on a daily basis, then the Client must submit a Data Backup Request as noted in Section 2.1.4.

2.1.3    Daily Offsite Data Backups for PCs (desktops/laptops)

Trinsic will not backup any data offsite from any covered Client desktop or laptop computer accessible by Trinsic unless Client submits a request in writing to Trinsic a written Data Backup Request via a ticket through Trinsic’s administrative console.  Once Client requests that a PC be backed up, Trinsic shall backup all files on the PC. Trinsic will not backup any portion thereof.  If for any reason Trinsic requires more time than 5 business days to accomplish a full backup, Trinsic will notify client in writing of the additional time needed.

2.1.4        Data Backup Request
Client will need to meet with their Trinsic Sales Engineer to identify and sign off on which specific file directories Client would like to be backed up offsite, any changes from the current data backup setup (if applicable), or any frequency changes to the backup process if other than daily.  This list must be submitted by Client to Trinsic via a Ticket through Trinsic’s Administrative Console. Unless Trinsic notifies Client beforehand in writing that the request was not accepted for whatever reason, Trinsic will have up to 5 business days of receipt of this request to fulfill the request as long as Client provides Trinsic reasonable access to the applicable devices.

3.     Daily Offsite Data Backups for Email

3.1     The offsite backup of email accounts is a service that is included with Trinsic’s hosted email services. All email accounts hosted by Trinsic shall be backed up offsite on a daily basis and shall have a thirty (30) day backup history so you can revert back to a specific day if desired. Should Client want to backup their Trinsic hosted email for a period of 31 days or more, Trinsic offers longer email archiving periods for an additional fee.

4.      Daily Incremental Data Size Limitations
The table noted below presents the maximum amount of data that Trinsic can backup offsite during the Scheduled Daily Backup Window. The initial offsite backup of your data can take several days depending on the total amount of data to be backed up offsite.  Once the initial offsite backup is complete, to help ensure the proper offsite back up of daily incrementally changed data files, your internal bandwidth must be equal to or more than as follows for certain file size levels.  Trinsic can always adjust the Scheduled Daily Backup Window at the written request of the Client.

Upload Bandwidth Size                          Daily Data Size (Maximum)
        768 Kbps                                                                   4 GB
            1 Mbps                                                             5.4 GB
         1.5 Mbps                                                                 8 GB
            2 Mbps                                                       10.8 GB
            3 Mbps                                                       16.2 GB

Any data in excess of the above size ranges are subject to longer periods to complete the full and incremental backup process.

5.   Disaster Recovery

5.1          In the event of a catastrophic event, if Client subscribed to any PC or Server Crash & Rebuild Support plan, Trinsic will, at no additional labor charge to the Client, make reasonable best efforts to recover and reinstall all data and applications on inventoried Devices covered in the IT Service Agreement with the following conditions:

5.1.1       Client is responsible for all costs associated with the purchase of all replacement hardware and software required (such as PCs, servers, and network devices) and the identification and acquisition of a location to setup the network environment. Trinsic cannot begin the restoration of either the data or network environment until all the equipment has been purchased and delivered, and that the equipment is made available to Trinsic for a continuous period of time sufficient for Trinsic to complete the restoration.

5.1.2        Should Client wish to obtain any specific data files directly from failed hardware that are not contained in a recent scheduled data backup, Client shall be charged for all costs incurred to attempt to recover any data on any local onsite deivice, such as a disk drive, as a result of any event which may have caused the issue (catastrophic or non-catastrophic). 

5.1.3       Trinsic will only be responsible for restoring data made from the offsite backups. Any data on any covered device (other than the servers) that is not being backed up offsite on daily basis due to Client’s request will not be restored.

5.2          The disaster recovery process can be a very time consuming and complex process which usually entails the following:

a)  Purchase and delivery of all replacement software and equipment
b)  Reconfiguring all PCs and reinstalling all operating systems and applications on PCs
c)  Resetup network
d)  Reconfigure all servers
e)  Reconfigure all email accounts
f)   Reupload data to accessible locations

Trinsic provides no guarantee as to the time it will take to restore. The process usually takes no fewer than 7 business days and varies greatly depending upon the quantity of devices that need to be restored.  As such, it is critical that the Client understand this risk and take appropriate measures to maintain adequate business insurance at all times to insure against any and all catastrophic events.  Business insurance includes but is not limited to property insurance, business interruption/loss of profits insurance, and technology and data loss insurance.  We recommend that Clients review their business insurance policies on a regular baisis with a competent insurance professional.